Turn the taps on

February 6, 2009

Welcome one and all! So this is my first post about writing. Why ‘in the bath’? – well I had to call it something and ‘Sharks in the Bath!’ is one of the two books I’m trying to get published. The other is called ‘Liberty Smith and the Halloween Street’ but more on both of those in a later post.

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer (I haven’t got one to hand and anyway it’s winter so they’re all prickly with no leaves). Here’s what this blog will be about: getting the ideas; how to reach that point when you can actually write something; forcing yourself to sit down and do it; scouring the earth for an agent; revisions, criticism and all that malarkey; finding a publisher and getting your work of art onto the bookshelves.  

Some of this will be written in retrospect, so I can guarantee we’ll get a fair way down that list (excitement mounts) and hopefully to the end.  If that happens then this blog will magically transform itself into a regular account of what it’s like to be published and what that entails.

I hope this blog will be interesting and inspiring for anyone interested in writing; it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. (Lot’s of people are probably doing it already which tells you something about how much I research my writing.)

That’s the intro finally done then. As per usual I’ve delayed writing this for months and months and finally got round to doing it. At work, of course!

And the bath theme won’t run for very long. After turning on the taps, adding the bubble bath and gingerly getting in there’s not much else to say – unless we start messing about with the soap, but that’s taking us up a whole new alley.